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You are always there for others. And Smolin is here for you. We have served non-profit organizations since our inception in 1947 and remain committed to them today. We know and understand the special needs of non- profit groups, from fundraising, to budget forecasting to compliance. We can help make a difference.

Our non-profit specialists can maximize your outreach. We have an experienced team of tax and audit professionals to analyze your operations, identify areas of risk, improve financial controls, and present you with audited financial statements. We are also Yellow Book certified (Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards).

Our business consultants can streamline your operations so you direct your funds toward your cause, not overhead. We can analyze your expenses and pinpoint areas of deficiency and inefficiency. In addition, we can examine your records to ensure that all expenditures are properly documented and that all funds are being spent as required.

We can also aid you in fundraising. Our professionals are skilled in preparing financial statements and reports that are clear and accurate, showing prospective donors how you are supporting your cause. We present findings in easy-to-understand language so that you can best communicate your financial picture.

We are experts in regulatory compliance and our experienced auditors know the regulatory requirements of nonprofits so we can ensure you meet the strictest reporting standards. We are familiar with the many revenue sources you rely on and whose requirements you must meet. We can assure that you comply with all those demands and that your non-profit organization is worthy of the most generous of support. 

You care about others; so do we.

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