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Litigation Support

Litigation can be one of the most complicated and financially impactful issues an organization will face. Properly supporting a claim or defending against litigation can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Our experienced litigation support staff will work with your organization and your attorneys throughout the litigation process.

Whether your organization is defending itself against litigation or is pursuing litigation against another entity, you need qualified professionals with experience in investigation and presenting matters to the court. In order to be successful, you’ll need a team that understands the complexities of accounting, finance, reporting and taxes. For your business to be best prepared for any situation, it is important to work with a firm that has the knowledge and flexibility to provide litigation support for a variety of issues. Smolin has years of experiencing providing individuals and businesses of all sizes with litigation support that fits their exact needs.

Our litigation support team provides expert litigation support service in a number of areas including:

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting provides valuable information during litigation – especially when the financial facts of a matter are in question. Through their expertise in accounting, auditing and investigation, the Smolin Forensic Accounting team is able to research, document and provide clarity in the event of a financial controversy. This service can help provide your legal team with the information they need to support or defend a claim.

Matrimonial Dissolution

In addition to being an emotional time for you and your family, matrimonial dissolution can also be a complicated accounting and tax issue. In order to fairly divide assets, it is important that both spouses provide a clear picture of assets and liabilities. This process can be difficult given the charged emotional environment for both parties. Use of a professional to document assets and liabilities can help to ensure that both parties receive a fair settlement.

Fraud Detection

Fraud is one of the largest threats to the bottom lines of organizations large and small. In many instances, fraud could have been detected earlier and stopped, saving organizations time, money and their reputation. The Smolin team can review transactions, accounting records and financial statements to identify trends that may indicate fraud. Additionally, in the event that fraud has taken place, the Smolin team can determine if the organization’s auditors were responsible for not identifying the fraudulent activity sooner.

Insurance Claims

When insurance claims are unable to be resolved in a timely manner, the next step is often litigation. If you are defending an insurance claim or are pursuing relief through a claim, accounting experts can provide the financial substantiation necessary to strengthen your position in court. Through an objective look at the facts, our team is able to have an unbiased approach that will stand up in court for plaintiffs and defendants.

Construction Claims

Due to the large scope of construction projects, some variance between contractors, business owners, laborers and vendors is to be expected. Claims arise when one of the contracted parties believes the conduct of the other has impacted the project’s financial status or time frame.

In order to pursue or defend a construction claim, you must understand the scope of the project, the root cause of the claimed issue and the true value of damages. The Smolin team has experience both defending and pursuing construction claims in New Jersey.

Contract Damages

Most organizations rely heavily upon contracts in order to document business agreements. Contracts are commonly executed with employees, vendors, customers and business partners. When performance under a contract is not honored, a breach of contract may have occurred.

There also may be instances where despite a contract, it is no longer beneficial for your organization to continue doing business with another party. Our team of experts is able to objectively look at a situation and provide clarity about the true financial costs of breaching a contract in order to support your legal team’s litigation strategy.

Lost Profits

One of the toughest issues to document during litigation is a loss of profits due to the actions of another party. This issue may occur due to breach of contract, intellectual property violation, unfounded claims or a variety of issues. The Smolin litigation support team is able to evaluate your company’s financials to quantify the organization’s loss of profits through a number of accounting methodologies.

Assistance with Discovery

The facts of a matter in litigation are often identified, not in the courtroom, but during the discovery process. Therefore, having a qualified team that is able to interpret financial statements, identify erroneous information and detect fraud is key to supporting your case. This process is done efficiently to allow your organization and legal team to adequately prepare for litigation. Information gained during the discovery process may then be used in a court of law as evidence or delivered through expert testimony.

Expert Testimony

During court proceedings, it is important to have a strong, substantiated position in order to have the best chance for success. Expert testimony that provides and substantiates financial data is crucial. The preparation level and expertise of your expert witnesses can be the difference between winning or losing your case.

The Smolin team has decades of experience providing litigation support to pursue or defend claims. Our expert witnesses are able to take the stand and present information in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, the team is able to evaluate evidence provided by other experts in order to prepare for cross examination.

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