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Experienced Professionals + Good People

No more matter what your accounting needs are, our team of experienced professionals are here to help. From accounting to taxes to audits, our wide range of support means you can trust you’re in good hands with the right people.
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Why Smolin?

Exceptional client service defines our firm.

When you work with Smolin, our relationship is based on trust. We’re committed to being your best resource for financial and accounting services – no exceptions.

Since 1947, we’ve proudly served our clients with professionalism, integrity, and industry-leading strategies. Our innovative tax and accounting services have helped countless businesses grow and thrive in the always evolving areas of taxation.
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We’re Your Partners

Our relationships with our clients is very important to us. Our team of financial professionals is dedicated to making the numbers work out for the people we work with.



Bookkeeping, reviews, audits, and other accounting solutions exclusively designed to meet your business needs.
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Tax Services

Tax Services

Comprehensive tax services for businesses, personal estate planning, and wealth management.
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Building competitive businesses in today’s complex marketplace with financial advisory services.
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Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Keep your business strong during legal challenges with forensic accounting, fraud detection, claims, and litigation support.
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We’re About the Big Picture
& the Whole Client

We think beyond what's happening right now and are always planning for the future of our clients in all aspects of their life and business. Our goal is to set you up for success in every aspect.


Wealth Advisors

What are your plans for your money? Managing wealth is a balancing act. Protecting, growing, forecasting, assessing. There's no cookie-cutter solution because no two portfolios and no two clients need the same thing.

How do we help? We focus on assessing your needs, understanding your goals, and working with you to create your best strategy.

More than Just Smolin

We’re proud of our affiliations with these local, regional, and national organizations.

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