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Biotechnology is about solving problems. So are the services of an experienced accounting firm. Smolin understands that your industry touches upon many sectors of the economy, including agriculture, medical diagnostics, life sciences and industrial processes.

Our skilled accounting professionals have direct experience in all these fields, and more.

Biotechnology accounting services

Each sector of the biotechnology industry has its own science, processes, competency, skill requirements and outcomes. The same is true for your accounting needs. You require a firm that can tailor its services to fulfill your unique demands.

Our professionals can provide you with tax, accounting and audit services, plus financial consulting and a host of unique specialty services.

The Smolin Approach

Our team of experienced advisors can assist you with capital formation, regulation compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and market trend analyses. Our team can help you manage risks, improve capital allocation and create specific financial statements to use in your funding efforts.

The business of biotechnology demands innovative, informed accounting services.

New changes in accounting rules can have a significant impact on the way your transactions are structured, and could affect future earnings and debt repayments. Smolin is focused in these areas so you are prepared.

Contact Us

Our experts can present you with a clear, understandable approach to your finances.

We can help you:

  • Develop insights into new markets
  • Streamline operations
  • Raise capital, control risks
  • Devise tax strategies
  • Maintain research and development
  • Help position your business for long-term growth in emerging fields

For biotechnology accounting advice tailored to your needs, contact your trusted Smolin advisor today.

Science and Smolin…facing tomorrow together.

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