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Transactional Advisory

The entrepreneur of today cannot afford to leave anything to chance. The pros and cons of every transaction must be carefully weighed. The components of risk and vulnerability must be examined. Each aspect of a transaction should come under professional review prior to acquisition or divestiture.

The work begins with the initial due diligence and valuation and continues throughout the life of the transaction to integration of the newly acquired operation into the existing business in case of acquisition. The three essential steps are initial evaluation, execution and support and post-transaction integration.

Valuation Services

The initial challenge is appropriately determining the value of the business and objectively assessing the associated risks. A professional transactional advisory team will use proven tools and procedures to impartially value a business and identify risks.

Reliable valuations are critical to the fair exchange of the transaction. This means that besides sophisticated valuation, analysis of financial reporting and tax filing must be conducted as well.

A market assessment including an analysis of the market is part of the pre-transaction package.

Assisting Other Professionals (CPAs & Attorneys)

The Smolin team is dedicated to providing our clients the expertise and insight needed to make transactions run smoothly. In addition to our transactional advisory services, our team of experts is able to assist other professionals, such as CPAs and attorneys, to ensure that any transaction or transition runs smoothly.

By coordinating our efforts with your existing transaction team, our team of experts is able to provide the specialized services necessary for transactions in a variety of industries. Smolin is able to supplement and collaborate in the transaction process in a way that fits the exact needs of your organization.

Post-Transaction Services

Advisory services do not end with the acquisition of a new business venture. The company needs a method of combining the existing and new business ventures, quickly and efficiently.

Management will probably need assistance in addressing the accounting, financial aspects, tax implications and even technology that can put a drag on the success of the transition.

Other ongoing issues can include purchase price allocation for cost accounting purposes, ongoing valuations to determine whether the acquisition has been profitable and any disputes that might have arisen during or after the completion of the transaction.

A number of transitional situations call for a company to engage the services of an independent firm for guidance. The most common are mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and spin-offs, ESOP sales, management buy-outs, recapitalizations and leveraged buy-outs and bankruptcies and reorganizations. The team at Smolin  is comprised of experts in accounting, finance, wealth management, strategic planning and so much more.

By contracting with Smolin  to help you navigate the transition, your management team can focus on your core business. We offer an enormous list of support services:

  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Like Kind Exchange
  • Section 338 Elections
  • Tax Dispute Resolution
  • Unicap-263A Planning and Issues
  • State and Local Tax Advisory
  • Sales Tax
  • Casualty Loss
  • M-3 Compliance
  • Gift and Estate Planning
  • Amortizing Section 197 Intangibles
  • Depreciation Planning
  • General Asset Account Elections
  • Employee Stock Options- Business Combinations
  • Hedging Transactions
  • Section 481 Adjustments
  • Application for Change in Accounting Methods (Form 3115)
  • Deferred Revenue
  • Domestic Production Activities Deduction- SEC 199
  • Tax Compliance for Closely Held Businesses with International Activities
  • International Source of Income Rules
  • Compensation, Fringe & Retirement Benefits
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Taxation of Security Transactions
  • Corporate Acquisitions, Reorganizations and Liquidations
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Repair Regulation Implementation
  • Tax Attribute Planning and Compliance
  • Trader Tax Status
  • Disposition and Partial Distributions of Partnership Interests
  • Film Advisory Services
  • Entertainer and Athlete Tax Issues
  • Planning with Disregarded Entities and “Check the Box” Regulations
  • Mergers and Conversions of LLCs, LLPs and LLLPs
  • Allocations of Partnership Liabilities and Nonrecourse Deductions
  • Planning for Negative Capital
  • R &D Tax Credits
  • Tax Guidance for Traders
  • U.S. Taxation of International Transactions
  • Planning for Subpart F Income
  • Multi State Tax Issues
  • Planning for Foreign Operations
  • Section 754 Ste-Up Adjustments
  • Special Basis Adjustment Elections
  • Controlled Corporate Group Issues
  • Consolidated Returns
  • Reorganization Pass-Thru Entities
  • Interfamily Transfers or Businesses: Tax Issues
  • 3.8% Medicare Tax for Real Estate Investors
  • Loss Limitations in Pass-Through Entities
  • Review Wills, Trust Agreements and Operating Agreements
  • NOL Planning and Compliance

When it comes to the financial future of your organization, you need the ability to trust the firm you engage to help navigate the complexities of these transactions. The professionals at Smolin have a combination of skill education and experience on which you can depend.

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