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Our team of experienced Wholesale and Distribution CPAs can help shrink your inventory, streamline your business and grow your bottom line. Smolin provides planning, organizational, and management services to the W&D industry. We analyze every step of the supply chain for you, as each has unique financial characteristics.

In recent years, the industry has seen a trend toward consolidation, resulting in larger, integrated providers offering multiple services. This calls for a proactive accounting firm that understands the various sectors of W&D and can help organize its diverse financial operations.

Outsourcing logistic services to global distribution networks also demands a financial consulting firm that can help you keep better track of your businessess’ resources, maintain proper inventory levels, prevent fraud and theft, and improve cash flow. Our experienced accountants can provide:

  • Record Keeping
  • Inventory Controls, Theft and Fraud Prevention Systems
  • Accounting- Compilation, Review, Audit
  • Tax Services
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • National Compliance Regulation
  • Financial Statement Preparation

Current market conditions have brought new complexity to this market. The economic downturn which began in 2008 halted growth in many industries—and that has likely affected your business. We know you need to reduce overhead, run more efficiently and raise revenues. We can help you reach these goals.

Smolin offers audit and assurance services to ensure your assets are accounted for, protected and productive. Our tax planners can devise strategies to recover previously paid taxes and identify future tax savings. Our litigation support and fraud examiners can show you ways to combat theft, while our business valuation experts and financial consultants can help with access to capital.

We'll help you navigate the 21st century.

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