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January 11, 2021

Defend your company from insider cyberattacks


Imagine this: one of your employees accesses your records without authorization, then uses stolen customer lists to start his own business. It’s not that far-fetched! In fact, this happened at one mortgage company where the perpetrator stole protected records by sending malware to a coworker.

In this case, the employee was caught in the act—but not all companies are so lucky. Cybercrime can lead to loss of money or competitive advantage for businesses, and it’s important to minimize the risk. 

Employees who sabotage their employers could be working for a competitor or seeking revenge for perceived wrongs. Sometimes coercion or the need to pay off a debt comes into play. 

Implement these best practices to minimize the risk.

Remove access. Immediately remove all former employees from all access lists and revoke their privileges. You should also provide them with copies of any confidentiality agreements as a reminder of their legal responsibilities.

Monitor IT use. IT personnel should proactively restrict or monitor employee use of email accounts, websites, peer-to-peer networking, and other protocols.

Secure physical assets. Some data still lives on paper — so don’t forget to look out for employees making off with materials when no one is looking. Consider locks, surveillance cameras and restrictions to access to help prevent and deter theft.

Treat your people well. Creating a work environment that treats employees fairly encourages loyalty and trust, eliminating potential motives for employee theft.

Beware of Wi-Fi. Wireless communication networks can increase fraud risk, because people can use mobile devices to gain access to sensitive information. To deter such activities, restrict Wi-Fi to employees with passwords.

If you suspect a fraud scheme in your company (or for more tips on preventing cybercrime), contact us.


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