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February 1, 2023

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Accounting Needs

CPA firms don’t just do audits and tax returns. They’re also available to help with your everyday accounting needs, from advisory services to payroll and sales tax filing. 

Is it time for your business to outsource its accounting needs? Here are five reasons you should hire a CPA. 

1. Professional insights

When you outsource your accounting to a knowledgeable CPA, you gain access to professional tax, legal, and financial advice. This helps your business remain compliant with rules and regulations while also avoiding costly errors resulting from misunderstanding complex policies. 

An accounting firm will offer you a second set of eyes, giving you the peace of mind that your company’s books accurately reflect your company’s performance. A CPA can also help streamline your accounting processes and assist you with accurately recording complex financial transactions. 

2. Scalable services

Your financial situation is bound to evolve, and a CPA will allow you to scale services up or down as needed. 

If you’re a start-up business, you won’t need to worry about outgrowing your bookkeeper or training them to take on more advanced accounting and tax tasks. And if you take on a major project—a new product launch or a merger with a strategic buyer, for example—your CPA has the knowledge and experience to guide you toward the best possible financial outcome. 

Additionally, if you unexpectedly lose your CFO, outsourcing can be a helpful temporary fix while you look for a suitable replacement (especially in today’s tight labor market). 

3. Cost-efficiency

By outsourcing to a CPA, you can save money on payroll taxes and insurance costs related to hiring an in-house accountant. Additionally, thanks to economies of scale with software purchases and usage, CPAs can likely provide some accounting service at a more affordable rate than your firm can on its own or with independent service providers. 

4. Convenience

When you delegate your accounting needs to a CPA, your team is freed up for other tasks such as marketing, product development, and more. Outsourcing will also free up resources for higher-value tasks—such as negotiating with prospects or focusing on client relationships—that can increase cash flow and optimize your organization’s efficiency. 

5. Confidence

When you involve a knowledgeable accounting professional in your business, you gain confidence with stakeholders if you plan to borrow money or solicit investment capital. 

When you hire a CPA, you also demonstrate that your business is committed to keeping accurate records and accessing the professional knowledge needed to handle complex matters. 

Outsource your accounting needs to Smolin

Could you benefit from outsourcing your daily accounting tasks? Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent CPA, we can offer a cost-effective service plan that works with—and adapts to—your current and future business needs. Contact us to get started. 

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